Pre-College Program

Accelerate, Baylor University’s Pre-College Program, allows high school students to get a jump start on college courses and prepare for college-level rigor.

1. Is there financial aid for Baylor Accelerate?

Since the Baylor Accelerate courses are already heavily discounted, we do not offer financial aid for Baylor Accelerate courses. Courses are $750 per credit hour. Most courses are 3-4 hours of credit, so the Baylor Accelerate courses cost between $2,250-3,000 a class: a savings of $1,300 per hour!

2. What is the difference between Baylor Accelerate and Early Admission Track?

Baylor Accelerate is the general pre-college program that allows high school students to take Baylor classes online while they’re still in high school. Early Admission Track is a special program for students who want to earn freshman admission to Baylor. Students have two track options to earn admission: the summer before their senior year and their junior year + the summer before their senior year. To learn more about the two tracks and what is required to earn admission, go to the Earn Early Admission page.

3. Is an enrollment deposit required to begin the Baylor Accelerate program?

Yes, all accepted students must pay a $100 deposit by the specific deadline stated in the student's goBAYLOR account. Once the deposit is processed, students can access their next steps in goBAYLOR. The deposit will count toward your semester bill. The enrollment deposit is refundable if a request for a refund is submitted by the student's specific deadline in the student's goBAYLOR account. Deposits are not transferable to future semesters.